Disaster Relief Activities

29th May 2017

To All Heads of the NGOs/VSSOs

Disaster Relief Activities

NGO Secretariat likes to express its sincere gratitude to all NGOs/INGOs/CBOs/VSSOs & District / Divisional Civil Society Councils for their valuable contribution / assistance for the people affected by the flood & landslide disaster due to the adverse weather condition existed throughout past few days.

And also it is expected your continues assistance / contribution for these affected people to overcome this situation & to uplift their living conditions back normal. All the organizations are kindly informed to assist such disaster relief & recovery activities with the coordination of District / Divisional Secretariats while informing the same to NGO Secretariat.

Your Co-operation in this regards is highly appreciated.

Shakya Nanayakkara
Director General / Registrar

National Secretariat for Non- Governmental Organizations

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