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28th March 2018



A document formawded by the Secretary General of Sri Lanka National Commission for UNESCO is attached here for your information.


Organizations who are working in particular subject area and are interested in applying for the award are invited to submit their nominations.


Link for the attachment doc


Director General

NGO Secretariat




15th February 2018


Head of the Organization

Registered NGOs All

Collection of Information - 2018

As you are aware that the NGO Secretariat has changed its working modality   to facilitate the NGOs in  Sri Lanka.


In the view of strengthening and easing the process of monitoring ,online information submission system will be introduced soon with  revamping of official website of the Secretariat.


Until such time, Please make arrangements to submit the following details of your organization, to the NGO Secretariat in the formats attached, on or before 28th February 2018.


You are also requested to e-mail soft copies of the same to / . You can download the following formats from our Website:


01.    Action Plan, (Action Plan signed by the District Secretary) for 2018

02.    Audited Financial Reports & Annual Report 2016/2017

03.    Fund Flow Statement (01.01.2017 to 31.12.2017)

04.    Assets Details up to 31.12.2017.

05.    Staff Details (Local/Foreign)

06.   Updated Details of the organization

07.   Annual Results Report 2016/2017

08.   Programme Evaluation Report (if available)



Please note that any organization failing   to submit above information will be categorized in the list of inactive organizations.




Ranjith Wimalasooriya                                                   Sgd by :   Shakya Nanayakkara

Director                                                                                            Director General/Registrar


Original Letter of Collection of Information - 2018


29th May 2017

To All Heads of the NGOs/VSSOs

Disaster Relief Activities

NGO Secretariat likes to express its sincere gratitude to all NGOs/INGOs/CBOs/VSSOs & District / Divisional Civil Society Councils for their valuable contribution / assistance for the people affected by the flood & landslide disaster due to the adverse weather condition existed throughout past few days.

And also it is expected your continues assistance / contribution for these affected people to overcome this situation & to uplift their living conditions back normal. All the organizations are kindly informed to assist such disaster relief & recovery activities with the coordination of District / Divisional Secretariats while informing the same to NGO Secretariat.

Your Co-operation in this regards is highly appreciated.

Shakya Nanayakkara
Director General / Registrar

National Secretariat for Non- Governmental Organizations

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Microfinance Act No, 2016/06, for regulating of Micro Finance Institutions in Sri Lanka was passed in May 2016.


In this context, the National Secretariat for NGOs has been vested the authority of registering, monitoring & evaluating all NGOs, Voluntary Social Service Organizations and Community Based Organizations carrying out Micro Finance activities at the national, district and provincial levels in Sri Lanka.


Under the abovementioned act, all NGOs and Voluntary Social Service Organizations (including all NGOs and other organizations already registered under VSSO Act) conducting microfinance business are required to be registered with National Secretariat for Non Governmental Organizations in Sri Lanka, on or before 15th January 2018. Engaging Micro Finance activities after 15. 01. 2018 without this registration will be treated as illegal.


All NGOs conducting microfinance business are hereby informed to get their registration immediately and applications with supporting documents should be submitted to National Secretariat for NGOs in Sri Lanka on or before 30th July 2017.


Applications and the relevant details can be obtained from the official website of the National Secretariat for Non Governmental Organizations  ( and the Secretariat’s head office (address given below).



Director General / Registrar

National Secretariat for Non Governmental Organizations

3rd’ Floor (Stage 1)

Sethsiripaya, Battaramulla.

Tel: 0112-864483, 077 3786788, 0112-877376

Fax: 0112-884612



Registration Criteria - Rule No. 01 of 2017

Application for Registration under Microfinance Act, No. 06 of 2016

Application for Registration under Microfinance Act, No. 06 of 2016 (Sinhala Version)

Application for Registration under Microfinance Act, No. 06 of 2016 (Tamil Version)

  • NGO Secretariat
  • NGO Secretariat
  • NGO Secretariat
  • Making a conducive environment for National and International communities to contribute in the relief and development activities.
  • Coordinating the NGO sector; among NGOs, with the government Sector institutions and, with the people who are in need of the services of the NGOs.
  • Make-sure that the NGOs conduct projects within the Legal framework of the country.
  • Make-sure that the NGOs act within the national policy framework of the country.
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