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09th Jan 2017


Head of the Organization

Collection of Information

As you are aware that the NGO Secretariat has changed its working modality to facilitate the NGOs in Sri Lanka.


In the view of strengthening and easing the process of monitoring, online information submission system will be introduced soon with revamping of official website of the Secretariat.


Until such time, Please make arrangements to submit the following details of your organization, to the NGO Secretariat in the formats attached, on or before 15th February 2017.


You are also requested to e-mail soft copies of the same to / . You can download the following formats from our Website:


01.    Action Plan, (Action Plan signed by the District Secretary) for 2017

02.    Audited Financial Reports & Annual Report 2015/2016

03.    Fund Flow Statement (01.01.2016 to 31.12.2016)

04.    Assets Details up to 31.12.2016.

05.    Staff Details (Local/Foreign)

06.   Updated Details of the organization

07.   Annual Results Report 2015/2016

08.   Programme Evaluation Report (if available)


From 2017 NGO Secretariat requires only first and the second haft yearly report and format will be published soon.


Please note that any organization failing   to submit above information will be categorized in the list of inactive organizations.



Ranjith Wimalasooriya                                                   Sgd by :   Shakya Nanayakkara

Director                                                                                     Director General/Registrar


Download the Original Message


04th May 2016

Appointment of new DG and Director/Registrar

The Government of Sri Lanka has appointed Mr. Shakya Nanayakkara as the Director General of the NGO Secretariat and Mr. Ranjith Wimalasooriya as the Director / Registrar of the Secretariat

Their Contacts are as follows

Mr. Shakya Nanayakkara – Director General – Tel : 0094-112-864483, 0094-773786788

Mr. Ranjith Wimalasooriya – Director / Registrar – Tel : 0094-112-888424


02 nd January 2015


Attention All NGO's

Registered with NGO Secretariat


Collection of Information -2014/2015


You are informed to submit the following details of your organization required in the formats attached to the monitoring division of NGO Secretariat on or before 31 st January 2015.

01. Action Plan -2015 (Approval for the year 2015 Action Plan required to be4 taken from NGO

Secretariat to implement projects / programs district wise)

02. Audited Financial Reports and Annual Reports

03. Fund flow statement (01.01.2014 to 31.12.2014)

04. Assest Details up to 31.12.2014

05. Staff Details (Local / Foreign)

06. Progress Review Meeting summery report


Approval for the Action Plan 2015 will be given after the discussion, therefore please make am appointment before 28 th February 2015.



D.M.S. Dissanayaka

Director / Registrar


The original letter of the Message

Format of the Action Plan -2015

Format of the Fund flow statement - (01.01.2014 to 31.12.2014)

Format of the Assets Details up to 31.12.2014

Format of the Staff Details

Format of Progress Review Neeting Summery Report


25th April 2014



All NGOs Registered in NGO Secretariat


Progress Report 1st Quarter 2014

You are inform to submit the Progress report 1st quarter year 2014 of your organization required in the format attached to the NGO secretariat on or before 15th May 2014


D.M.S. Dissanayaka


NGO Secretariat

Ministry of Defence


format of the Progress Report 1st Quarter 2014

  • NGO Secretariat
  • NGO Secretariat
  • NGO Secretariat
  • Making a conducive environment for National and International communities to contribute in the relief and development activities.
  • Coordinating the NGO sector; among NGOs, with the government Sector institutions and, with the people who are in need of the services of the NGOs.
  • Make-sure that the NGOs conduct projects within the Legal framework of the country.
  • Make-sure that the NGOs act within the national policy framework of the country.
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