NGO Registration Application

Step 1


Step 2

Registration With Other Institutes

Step 3

Office Bearers

Step 4

Subject Areas Covered By the Organization (Indicate Presently Implemented Subject Only)
Any Other:
Main Ongoing / Future Project Titles (Attach Project Details : Period, Projected Budget, Funded By)

Step 5

Organization Funding



Organization Staff


Program Field

Step 6

Funding Agency / Agencies, If Any (With Complete Addresses, Contact No. and Emails)

Step 7

Particulars of the Head of Organization in Sri Lanka

Step 8

Staff Positions (Key Positions Only)
(NOTE: Indicate name, nationality and passport no. of the staff members.)


Step 9

Particulars of Properties, Vehicles etc.
Particulars of Bank Details

I hereby declare that the above particulars furnished by me are true and correct.

Step 10

Details of Active Members In the Organization

NOTE:  After completion of the application submission, you have to visit the NGO Secretariat for further discussion on registration with a copy of the constitution of your